Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming to a Penh Pharmacy Near You!

Originally designed and tested in Pattaya, our local pharmacies here in the Penh have apparently been stocking this new wonder drug for quite some time. I have noticed that the typical Khmer girl's prowess at maintaining a perfectly good lie for weeks on end MUST be based on something new (and improved), so our long suffering hero (yours truly), did some research and after risking life and limb, fire and ice, drunken escapades, and assorted other tomfoolery (to include knife wielding ex-girlfriends), obtained the above sample package.
Be afraid gentlemen, be VERY afraid...

Khmer Vampire Women

Dating a Khmer woman can sometimes be like dating a vampire. Like our hero above, the woman never simply kills you, she only sucks just enough of your life away to keep you weak and unable to escape, leaving you a slave. Every time you think you build up enough strength to make a move to save yourself, using their hideous vampire powers they keep you forever trapped, like some fucking barang bug under a glass. Just squash me and get it over with,
But no, with flashing almond eyes, black silky hair, and a body and soul designed by Satan himself, these spawn of the devil keep you beguiled, under a glamour so powerful that you will revel in your thralldom as you remember a day when you were not such as you have become.

A gilded cage is still a cage.

Silence of the Storm

The amount that I blog is always related directly to my relationship status...

Missy and I have had some serious issues of late, therefore I stand on the shoreline watching the incoming storm and enjoying the silence before the waves crash over the wasteland of my relationship and either wash away the pain and uncertainty, or simply pulls me under into its dark embrace.

Either way I need to post more, eh?