Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She Who Cannot Be Denied

You know, I suddenly realized why I cannot deny
"She Who Cannot Be Denied"
SWCBD looks a lot like Lucy Liu here featured above.
I got the major hots for Lucy...ya, I know, me and about 1 billion other swinging Richards.
BUT, SWCBD, despite being a major player and a sticky fingered Penhgirl simply...


I mean, LOOK. By Buddha, Apsaras got jack and SQUAT on her.

Resolve...weakening. Higher brain function, ceasing...

...can...not...deny. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!

Ah, the sweet suffering....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Harnessed Hussy in the Penh

Felgerkarb's latest folly?!!!

Wishful thinking, but interesting nevertheless...

Good Luck Peaceman

Good luck with your love, Peaceman.

Ignore those that try to tear you down and just move forward...I doubt most of the fucktards in this town could pull off what you did and live to tell the tale.

'nuff said.

Diamond Wielding F&#k Dolls

Lately there has been a scandal about town regarding a typical local girl playing several barangs for phat lewt...i.e. while going through the motions with one barang to get married, to include meeting his family, while she was hosing at least one other guy in town, and stringing a few others along via email to get DA BLING BLING. This is all a fairly typical story for the Penh...most of us have been involved in something similar at least is all part of earning your stripes as an expat here.

But, my good friend jm raised a REALLY good point about this. It may be typical for Khmer hussies to pull this crap on barang, but imagine if they tried this shit on a few local guys. They would be chopped, hacked, melted with acid, shot, strangled, and then made into prahok. A Khmer girl looks at another guy and her boyfriend usually goes apeshit...but we barang are fair game.

You know something, hussy? Find another dumbass to steal from, because it is just as easy for us to find another harlot to fill your shoes and rip us off as easily as you did and...

...wait, that didn't come out right...never mind... may be time to retire back to white chicks...