Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Magic Flute

No, I am not referring to Mozart; I ponder the magic flute, Freddie, from H.R. Pufnstuf as I listen to our own magic flute player along Sisowath Quay. I always hated Freddie and his piping little pipsqueak voice. As a child I always wished Jimmy had snapped that flute in half, or Witchiepoo got her green gnarled hands on that little piping prick. Talk about Freudian symbolism...
Come to think of it, I would have liked to kick Jimmy right in the crotch about five times in a row for his happy go lucky, smiling always happy crap.


Hazel-rah said...

The child actor Jack Wild.
Achieved fame at 16 but became alcoholic early on, which destroyed his career.
Smoking led to oral cancer for which he had his vocal chords and part of his tongue removed, which completely took away his ability to speak for the last years of his life. Died 2006 aged 53.
Not so happy, really.

Felgerkarb said...

Ya, great. I was talking about JIMMY and FREDDIE, you know, the fake tv characters, not Jack Wild and the puppet flute, but the CHARACTERS.

Hazel-rah said...

Yeah I realise that and I wasn't being argumentative. I actually learned all that about the life of Wild recently and it was on my mind.
I've been looking at your blog a bit since it started.
Laughed hysterically over the Pope and Davros lookalikes.
Great job.