Saturday, January 31, 2009


From the hollowed pages of the Phnom Penh Post Police Blotter:
An Australian man and a Cambodian sex worker were brought into Chroy Changvar commune police station after an argument about not paying enough for buying sex for two nights. The woman said she could not accept US$70 because the man had had sex with her several times during the two nights. The argument surprised neighbours who brought them to the police station. The man was ordered to pay the woman $30 more and $80 to have their names left off the report.

I have been thinking about THIS one a lot over the last few days and I have a few points to make.

1) Since when has two days with a sex worker on the barang circuit cost 100$ in sCambodia? She should have been arrested for gouging.

2) 80$ bucks to grease the police palms to stay off a report...once again, gouging bastards. By Buddha, the going rate is about 20$ to cook the police books. Bogan amateur.

3) Why the HELL did our bogan hero go with the neighbors to the police?! Another amateur mistake.

4) Um, last I checked, prostitution is illegal in sCambodia, so the cops enforcing some sort of fair trade deal is ridiculous and farcical. They must be her pimps. Because if they weren't, then they would have arrested her so they could repeatedly rape her in the cop shop for a few days like most of the pigs around here. They would have used her like a cum dumpster until her family and friends could pay to get her out of their "jail of love". They could have had a chew toy for a few days, and more money. I figured Dey Krohom would have polished their knobs enough to get them all worked up for a few good rounds of rape.
Oh, the humanity.

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