Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Porpoise She Is Not

Normally I don't hang out or drink in Sharky's. The whole thing is just not my speed, but a good friend of mine wanted me to alert his regular girl that he would be in town soon. Admittedly I could have called her, but being THE FELGERKARB and being it a Friday, and being that I was out on the piss naturally I decided that a personal visit was at hand.

She was not there, so I proceeded to drink...heavily. Well, um, you might ask, so the fuck what, I mean, what else is new you drunktard? Everybody knows you drink like a fish.

Last night I spent 5 hours with "Flipper". For those expats, sexpats, rejects, and mutants that know her, but for the benefit of my readership I will explain, "Flipper" is a deaf freelancer of some notoriety and renown in the slapper realm....but she is anything but a porpoise...

She is amazing. Yes, she is a whore, yes she has been fucked by half the community in an attempt to add a notch on the strange and unusual belt of been there and done that, but have any of you aholes ever really tried to get to know her? Have you tried to communicate with her, or is she simply the butt of jokes -- a really weird whore and a relief for those of you who do not speak Khmer and just want a quick corn shucking?

I watched the girls, staff and customers look at her like she was something stuck on the bottom of their shoes...something to be scraped off and forgotten. But with a simple dignity, she ignores it all...I guess there are some advantages to being deaf.

So, with limited and drunken skills, I proceeded to speak with her, mime and do just about anything necessary to communicate with her.

She is an old soul.

"Flipper" is amazing, insightful, funny, bright and has so many levels to her persona that I felt shame for all of us that ever made fun of her....I had never bothered to get to know her. She was just a deaf whore, the butt of jokes, the object of pity for some.

She may be a freelancer at Sharky's, but she is a beautiful person, full of energy and life and I know something many of you never bothered trying to figure out with your Kamagra fueled boners...

I know her name.

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Anonymous said...

Ha. Her name is waily. Appropriate.