Monday, April 11, 2011


So, I went clubbing with Blackie the other night. Was on a George Jones inspired bender, but all in all feeling damn good. Everything started out ok, but then a trend started to occur. Every time we walked into a club, some Khmer hottie would come up to me and say, "Hi, Felgerkarb" and either poke me in the stomach, pinch my arm, or blow a kiss. The first time, Blackie was like, "Who is that?", or "Why you know her?". Well, the first time I said that I didn't know/remember was fine. But after about girl 5 onwards, well, that would not hold water with Blackie. She was LIVID. But, in all honesty....
I had no fucking clue. No memory, nothing. 22 years on the ground here and well, I have kinda lost track or, well, not kept track of
What's a man to do?

Tally Ho!

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