Sunday, May 18, 2008

Attack of the 50' Bar Girl!!!!

The Latest Terror to Hit Asia!

Oh No, Tsunamis were not enough!

Cyclones? Pffft!!

Earthquakes?!! Ahahahahah!!!

No, nature had to unleash this HARLOT FROM HELL upon us all!!!!

She was last seen stomping down St. 136 and biting the heads off Pattaya trash roaring:


(Photo courtesy of


Hazel-rah said...

It's in Japan. Geos School of English on the left and Mitsui Sumitomo Visa on the right. I wonder who she is?

Felgerkarb said...

I wish I knew, because, I mean...just look at her! o_0

The Phnom Pen said...

Dude, I would love to be that mini-van underneath her. "Natch party anyone ?