Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great, now TWO Squeakies on the LOOSE!!!

As is I didn't have it bad enough, now there are TWO Squeakies on the loose. Apparently, Squeaky Fromme was recently released from the joint after trying to pop Ford back in '75. My former Squeaky works at Dream bar in town and somehow contiously manages to ferret out my phone number from the masses here in the Penh. Just when I think it is safe, I start getting serial sms messages.
Now there are two mad women named Squeaky loose in the world.

What if Ms. Fromme comes for a Holiday in Cambodia *cue music*???!!!! The Penh is simply not big enough for one Felgerkarb and TWO SQUEAKIES!

AHHHHH! *runs screaming into the night*

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