Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ode To The Spawn of Baphomet

It has been a few months, but those that know me personally know the deal (and thus some of the reason for my lack of updates). Squeaky and I broke up a while was a long, drawn out process. I was with the most hot girl I could ever dream for...for over a year. She was everything I ever wanted in a partner -- only she just could not stop doing psycho CRAP that drove me fucking INSANE (not they typical inane chick prattles, but some serious shit).
I am dating somebody else now (a simply amazing, loyal, smoking hot singer), but I cannot get Squeaky out of my mind, out of my soul. Her crude, rough humor...her smile, her loud mouthed inappropriate bullshit that would drive me up the wall. Wtf is the matter with me? I want her back, but I cannot take her back. Who in his right mind take a wild, knife wielding, hockey mask wearing maniac back?


Hazel-rah said...

Ah yes... the lingering feeling that the something important is in someone you are walking away from, and maybe the wondering about how they'll ever get on without you...?
What did Athos say to Milady ... ? Something like "I love you the way I love war, the way I love drink... the way men love all that is worst for them"..?
Something like that.

The Phnom Pen said...

Dude ....snap the fuck out of it or I will bitch slap you back from whence you came. Lest I remind you of some of her more memorable moments ? Sheesh.

Guy D2 said...

I feel your pain, J. Been there too.

Ah, the fatal attraction of the Khmer witch... it's so tempting sometimes.

Nevertheless, Justin is right, you know. I'll even help him bitch slappin' you, if necessary.

Move fwd, man, and ehm, what was that saying again ? Something with fish and ocean ?

Anonymous said...

Its a tough life felderkarb but they say that you should never go back.
Its always true.

The Phnom Pen said...

Ah yes....going back. R

Reminds me of a story i just heard about a certain guy in Phnom Penh who went back to the ex for a quickie and ended up in Calmette with half his wanger bitten off.