Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Casualty of the NKR

Missy's friend from her TV days, DJ Ano, was recently brutalized. It is all over Khmer news sites and papers, another story to be looked at with shock and horror, then quickly forgotten.

DJ Ano is yet another example of the further atrocities that continue to be meted out upon the Khmer people by the Neo Khmer Rouge (NKR).

Her only real crime was being pretty and on TV. She was spotted by multiple NKRs who decided she would make a fine addition to their collection of chew toys. She was forced to make a decision, go with them into their underworld of Johnny Walker Blue, cheap sex and cigarettes and thus keep her career, or refuse their advances and be pushed down into the gutter with the rest of the trash. She of course knew she was doomed, but thinking of her family and position, she went along with the fat slob NKRs, and thus was damned.

One night she was abducted by thugs belonging to some frustrated NKR battle axe of a wife. Her head was shaved. Her face, breasts, labia, and the rest of her body were slashed with a razor. These mongoloid stormtroopers also gleefully performed some sort of crude semi-circumcision on her clitoris, then dumped her bloody and broken body on the side of the road. I am not sure if they raped her, but I would be surprised if they did not. She is still alive in a hospital in Vietnam, but she will forever be crippled in body, mind, and soul.

There will be no investigation. There will be no witnesses. There will be no charges. There will be NO JUSTICE for DJ Ano or her family. The fat pig NKRs and their Quasimodo like wives will continue to act with impunity, raping and plundering Cambodia until there is nothing left but an empty husk.

She is but another on the long list of NKR victims that will go unavenged...but not unmourned.

May Lord Buddha bring you peace, DJ Ano, and may Karma have its way with those responsible for this heinous crime.


Anonymous said...

Indeed; Ano's only real 'crime' was being pretty and on TV.

Those invidious ugly souls behind such atrocities should look again at their own pathetic selves in the mirror; blame their own wretched lives for not looking as pretty and for being cursed with dogs for their husbands. They should be ashamed of themselves and work harder to improve their own wretched souls or if they really have to unleash their vicious frustrations again (I am sure they would since they obviously know not how to tame their beasts), take it out on their animals; circumcise them and buy a toy.

Such are the acts of cowards and losers hiding behind the evil shield of a corrupted system. I join you in wishing Ano well and yes; may the Lord Buddha bring her peace and may Karma have its way with those responsible for this heinous crime.

Anonymous said...

Oops... I meant castrate and not just circumcise.

On a separate note, it is so sad to wake up early this morning to hear laughter and jubilation over someone's death. It seems that many in Cambodia are happy that lightning terminated a big notorious terror last night. Amidst the joy was said, "No one could do anything with that man, the heavens help".

Jeff said...

Heartbreaking and maddening. Best not to hope for justice and be surprised in the event that miracle transpires.

Anonymous said...

Sad,sad but makes a change from acid and shooting.
The niek mien must be amongst the most loathesome people on the planet.
But why do the xeonophobic khmer people direct their hate at the thai and the viets instead of their own villains?