Saturday, November 8, 2008

Felgerkarb Castle

I am going to build this mighty edifice somewhere on the outskirts of the Penh. Perhaps on the ruins of Camko City, that piece of shit development where they don't pay their workers and destroy the environment as Ming and Oknha Klytus put up soulless, cookie cutter crap, all the while calling it progress. These swine are worse than the Khmer Rouge as they grab up all the land and slowly murder their own people like a twisted black earth mother. Well, once I am done building Felgerkarb Castle, I will loose my flying monkeys to take vengence in the name of the people.

cue evil laughter

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mrklatham said...

Worker died the other day on site,fell six meters onto the reo bars.
In civilised countries we put plastic caps on the reo.I had a look at camko once and the boys had helmets and bare feet!
Samoan safety boots.